Our Process in Projects

We offer design, consultancy and manufacturing of energy efficient solar and backup power products.

  • 1Enhance your understanding about Solar energy.
  • 2Optimizing project for better energy utilization.
  • 3Commissioning of Solar Energy project.
  • 4Installation of component Solar units.
  • 5Integrating energy management solutions in industrial.
  • commercial or residential building.

About RCL

RCL Solar Solutions is established by a group of professionals expertise at power generation field their experience been widely spread in gas turbines, steam turbines and boilers. We do serve the renewable source of energy from solar and wind.

RCL Solar uses state-of-the-art technology to offer high quality, innovative solar solutions that cater to the needs of individual customers, large institutions as well as entire communities. Based on more than 10 years of experience in renewable energy sector, we deliver proven Solar Performance for residential, commercial, industrial power plant customers.

RCL Solar provides customized solar solutions that illuminate homes, streets and communities & also for many corporate companies. It also provides reliable and cost-effective solar power to wide-ranging sectors from education and banking to healthcare and telecommunications.

Today, energy is at the heart of every ones concern. More than ever, the current situation compels each and everyone to achieve more while using fewer resources. As a specialist in energy management, RCL Solar makes energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. How? Simply by making energy visible and gives you the means to act to optimize its consumption. As specialist in energy management, RCL Solar offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, and data centers / networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications.


Solar Inverters range starts from 400va - 10kva. We also design as per the client's requirement and these Solar Inverters can be attached with wind energy on demand. Designed to automatically switch from electrical energy to Solar Power depending upon the availability of the resource, the Solar Inverter offered by us has been termed as the best available in the market

  • Solar Panels (Polycrystalline Solar cells)
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters (400VA up to 10KVA)
  • Solar Charge Controller (10 Amp up to 40 Amp)
  • Solar Torch Cum Lantern
  • Solar Mobile Charge
  • AC / DC LED Bulbs
  • AC / DC LED Tube Lights
  • AC / DC Ceiling Fan
  • AC / DC Air Cooler



Solar inverter installation and commissioning

RCL offers installation and commissioning services for fast and efficient start-up of solar inverters. Certified engineers ensure a trouble-free start-up and adjusting the inverter according to the application requirements. Commissioning service also includes personal instruction on the various functions of an inverter.

Solar inverter maintenance

RCL recommends regular preventive maintenance of solar inverters throughout their lifetime to ensure maximum availability and minimum unplanned repair costs. With timely preventive maintenance reliability of solar inverters can be ensured and lifetime extended.

Solar inverter preventive maintenance consists of annual inverter inspections and component replacements according to product-specific maintenance schedules.

Preventive maintenance is also available under contract.

Solar inverter retrofit services

In a retrofit project, existing cabling, and cabinets often remain in use, while the inverters are replaced either completely or partly. Retrofitting is carried out during planned production shutdowns, without causing extra production downtime.

Local support with global back-up

In most areas, RCL provides technical support via telephone and email covering all stages of the value chain. Should further support be needed, RCL utilizes an escalation process, and the query is elevated throughout RCL up to the top management, until the query is answered.


The sun is a renewable source of energy. Using photovoltaic (PV) technology, we can convert that solar energy directly into electricity without causing harm to the environment. This can help solve today's energy challenges.

The sun provides as much energy in one hour as the world consumes in one year

Each year, the Earth receives over 5,000 times more solar energy than it actually consumes.

Advantages of solar PV
The sun is an unlimited, clean and safe source of energy.
It enables energy independency, reducing the need for increasingly expensive fossil fuels.
Flexible, it can be installed on anything from a rooftop to a large power plant.
Accessible everywhere, it provides electricity even to the most remote locations in the world, whether they are connected to the grid or not.

General Features

  • No power cut problem at any time.
  • Suitable for Residential, Schools, Educational Institutions hospitals. Gym, Medicals, Jeweler Shop, Textiles, Hotels, Beauty Parlor and more.
  • No Smoke, Low Maintenance & No Burning Sensation
  • Convert the existing Inverter into the Solar Inverter.
  • Reliable performance and Durability.
  • Easy installation and Low maintenance.

Our Commitment:

  • Bringing reliable Eco friendly power at great value.
  • Sales, Installation and Service at door step.

Eco Friendly:

  • No Smoke, Low Maintenance & no Burning Sensation.
  • No Environmental Pollution.

Cost Effective:

  • 80% reduce the electricity tariff.
  • 30% Tax benefits available.
  • For 1KW solar energy system government gives Subsidy of Rs.81,000/-.
  • 25 yrs of warranty for Solar Panels.


  • RCL Controls, #112, 3rd floor, JJ Complex, Thirumangalam,
             Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040
  • +91 - 893 964 2508 +91 - 893 964 2510
  • rclsolar.chennai@gmail.com

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